How To Organize An Amazing and Memorable Mehandi Night?

How To Organize An Amazing and Memorable Mehandi Night?

Wedding season comes with lots of fun, enjoyment, and excitements. There are various exciting ceremonies that make up a complete wedding procedure. Different religions have their different rituals but the one thing that is common for almost every religion is the mehandi ceremony. No matter, whether you are from groom’s or bride’s side, organizing the ultimate mehandi eve is what you want to do. Mehandi function often seems a cakewalk to many but when it comes to host the same, the task becomes quite a difficult one. Especially when you wish to do something interesting and amazing, your efforts increase a little more.  To host the most memorable heena night, follow the following tips and let your guest appreciate and enjoy the same.

1) Decoration Of Heena Party

The decoration is the vital part of almost every ceremony and when the eve to be hosted is Heena night then the décor should be a little more interesting. Match the accessories and ornaments with the party theme and amuse your guests. Decorating cushions, candles, lamps etc are used such that these can perfectly mix with the event and beautify the same.

2) Dance and Music Night

A party without dance and music sounds a little tedious. Enhance the fun in the event by making your guests rock the floor. Let them enjoy the musical night by dancing and singing. There are various peppy mehandi collection songs that match with the theme and improve recreation amongst guests. You can also organize an antakshari, dance or singing competition for your invitees to enjoy.

3) Mehandi Competition

If you are organizing the heena night then don’t overlook the mehandi competition. To arrange a memorable and most engaging event, host an ultimate mehandi contest for your friends and relatives. This could be an excellent option to engage and entertain your guests.  Let them keep busy with such interesting activity and go ahead with the perfect heena night.

4) The delicious Food

There are many guests who simply remember the food served at the parties. No doubt, food is an essential part of any occasion and to make your guests happy, arranging the delicious food is what you need to do. Keeping in mind, the party requirement, arrange some finger foods and mini snacks so that mehandi clad hands of your guests don’t find any difficulty in tossing them in their mouths. Cold drinks, juice etc could also be the perfect option to serve.

5) Let Guests apply the Mehandi

Don’t let your guests sit still, rather prepare some extra mehandi that they can apply on their hands. This is certainly the best idea to engage your invitees and let them go home with the fancy and beautiful design. This is the ultimate way to keep amused even the uninterested invitees.

6) Party Favours

Return gifts and party favours are the perfect gestures that you can offer your guests, valuing their time and showing gratitude to be the part of your event. There are plenty of choices to work with when it