Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is not merely clicking random candid pictures. We capture the mood, the emotions, the gaiety and the colors of your special day with all myriad hues therein. We prepare a photo-story that would evoke those emotions even after a few decades, when your hairs are greying and your children have grown up. The visual narrative that we prepare would unfold those memories even after you have completely forgotten them. It is not just about an assembly of of unconnected ‘candid’ images but a series of photographs that is built layer by layer to create the unique story of your wedding day.

We give you complete solution for your wedding day. Our services include Candid Wedding Photography, Traditional photography, cinematography, Traditional videos, drones and whatever else your heart aches for. This is a great team of passionate Photographers and Cinematographers who will quickly endear your family members and work with a smile.

We have been doing weddings since 2008 and we have acquired a solid experience with various types of weddings. You may bank on us to tell your story. Call us for a discussion now.

We are Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi, however, we operate all over India, be it at your home town or a Destination Wedding. Do take time to look at some of the 1500 images in Wedding Gallery of this website. I have put up so many Wedding Stories so that you can be assured of the consistency of work, and trust us without any fear.

Pre Wedding Shoot
In case you are interested in a Pre wedding shoot, ask me for a session. See some of my Pre wedding photoshoots here. We can also prepare a Cute video of your blooming love and provide you with a Teaser video.

If you rather like to have some high-end Candid Wedding Photography, get in touch today for a free consultation. We would love to meet you and find out more about your wedding.